We're back again with some more changes/tests in the Facebook app spotted by you sharp-eyed readers. The more obvious of the two is a redesign of the Like, Comment, and Share buttons, but we also have some users who are seeing an option in the App Settings to cache some videos for offline viewing. Good stuff.

So the "new" buttons keep the same thumb, bubble, and arrow icons we're all familiar with, only hollowed out. At the moment, the lower contrast with the background makes them a bit more difficult to see, but that's what the accompanying text is for, I suppose.


Left: Old buttons; Middle: New buttons; Right: Option to cache videos

Also, we have a new toggle that has appeared for some users in the App Settings section. It is a safe assumption that this is to cache videos for offline viewing, for those that haven't disabled autoplay on videos (I highly recommend that you do, by the way). Oddly enough, I had this option on my phone a few days ago, but when I checked this morning, it was missing. The app is even on the same version number as before, so I guess it could be a server-side switch.

Companies like Facebook and Google are always testing new features or changes that not all users get — some don't even go public. As always, if any of you see something you think is new, be sure to let us know.