Bezel-less phones are, if the internet is to be believed, the actual next big thing. And as we know, Andy Rubin is currently at the helm of a stealthy startup (gagging sounds) that is building said Big Thing. Now, thanks to a tweet published by Mr. Rubin himself just a few minutes ago, you can see it - albeit just a corner. Neat-o.

I will break down some of my thoughts and observations based on this photo.

  • It is a phone
  • It is of a size that seems to fit in a human hand
  • There is not much - barely any, even! - bezel around the display
    • At least the top-right corner, I cannot speak to other corners, which may contain allthebezels.jpg
  • There probably isn't room for a front-facing camera up there (dumb!)
  • There does seem to be a speaker grille-like-thing in the middle
  • I can see a button, maybe a volume rocker?
  • That looks like a lovely floral wallpaper, Andy
  • This photo was taken at 1:57 PM - probably
  • What is "LTE+"? (apparently it's just LTE Advanced)
  • Charge your battery

That, I think, covers the bases. Andy says he hopes it will be in the hands of more people, so I think we can confirm that they plan to distribute a product.

Thank you for tuning in to the latest episode of Smartphone News.