There's a new version of Android Auto rolling out and this one is definitely worth the download. Version 2.2 brings one of the most requested features to the Auto interface since it was launched: Notifications can now be swiped away from the overview screen. There's also a new option to disable messaging notifications, which might help if those have been getting in your way. As usual, grab the latest update from the link at the bottom if it's not already rolling out to your phone.

What's New

Unofficial Changelog: (the stuff we found)

  • Notifications can be swiped away
  • New: Toggle to disable message notifications

Swiping away notifications

One of the key incentives of Android Auto is that it's supposed to bring a familiar software experience to the car by modeling its interface after Google's apps on our phones. It looks roughly similar thanks to an adapted form of Material Design and features like the Overview screen resemble the Google Feed (formerly called Google Now) so regular Android users can identify and use common elements seamlessly. However, it's not an exact copy.

In our initial review of Android Auto, Ryan Whitwam pointed out that the ability to swipe away notifications was missing. This left users with no good way to clear notifications without reaching for the phone. It took nearly two years, but Google seems to have seen fit to add the long-awaited gesture.

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Unsurprisingly, it works just like the swipe gesture in the notification shade and the Google Feed, although there is no snackbar or button offering to undo the dismissal in case it was an accident. The swipe gesture also works in the phone interface.

Note: Persistent notifications like player controls can't be swiped away.

Get rid of message notifications

2017-03-27 20.17.29

If you've come to the conclusion that message popups are annoying, maybe you've got one of those friends that's guilty of blasting you with a flood of short messages with just a few words each–everybody knows somebody like that–you might want to kill those on-screen distractions. It's now possible with a new toggle in the Android Auto settings. Just switch it off and you'll be protected from annoying messages.


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Version: 2.2.7106

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