Amazon has been pioneering fast shipping for years now, first with Amazon Prime's two-day free shipping, and more recently, with Prime Now. The latter service, only available in select cities, offers two-hour deliveries of select items. Amazon just gave Alexa the ability to order items from Prime Now, and now the company will give you $5 just to try it.

According to an email sent to Prime users, any customers who order items from Prime Now through Alexa will receive a $5 promo code. That code can be used on any future order from Prime Now, and will be emailed within seven days of the original purchase.

Most of Amazon's advertising for Prime Now is centered around buying essentials and food, but depending on your location, there is a sizable amount of tech-related products as well. For example, Prime Now in Nashville offers a collection of headphones, phone chargers, cases, microSD cards, and more.