Oh Google! Oh Google! Oh Google! No sooner is the company putting to rest one social-slash-messaging app than it is working on three others in its wake. Today's newcomer is a photo sharing and editing app that Google confirmed to TechCrunch as "one of many [experiments] it's running."

According to TechCrunch, this new app would be like a mix of Path and Snapchat and Google Photos, leveraging Google's image recognition technology. It is less of a messaging app and more of a place where users create and join groups dedicated to photo sharing. Anyone could upload, edit, and tag the photos shared to a group, and Google would work its magic sauce behind the scenes to identify objects in photos, tag them, organize them, and make them easier to find in the future. It would also suggest edits and filters to the pics. To me, it sounds like a great idea for sharing photos from certain events or with groups of people you often participate in activities with.

The stipulated reason this isn't integrated in Google Photos, which already offers shared albums and the ability to upload, edit, and comment on shared photos, is probably because Google is simply testing the functionality and wants to see if it could take off or not. This means that users in-the-know like us would face the dilemma of either investing into a new app that we're sure will be completely canned or swept into another app at any point, either refusing to indulge Google's whims and thus showing little interest into what could be a great idea. Oh decisions.

TechCrunch says the plan was to launch this app during I/O in May, though that may have changed now after Apple's announcement of Clips.