There are more and more Alexa-powered speakers available but affordable ones are still a little difficult to find. The Echo Dot remains one of the best options at $49.99, but it constantly requires a power source. You could grab a portable charger for it, but if you don't want to spend money on a make-do solution, today's deal on the Triby might seem much more interesting.

Triby is a portable speaker with voice-activated Amazon Alexa integration. It is charged via MicroUSB and lasts up to 2 days, so you can move it along with you from the kitchen to the bedroom to the balcony and not worry about power cords. It also has a screen to show the time, weather, what's playing, and hand-drawn notes from a connected phone. There's also a voice calling VOIP option and the ability to use two as an intercom, whether inside the same house or between two different homes (say your parents or children for example). And the back is magnetic so you can stick it on the fridge.

All of these nice features come at a $199.99 price usually, though it's been hovering around the $130 mark on Amazon lately. But how about almost half that price? Woot is offering the Triby for $69.99 today only, which is 65% off MSRP and a lot less than what it's going for on Amazon right now and the last time we saw it on sale ($99.99).

These are new units and the orders are fulfilled by Amazon with Woot's 90-day limited warranty. Only the grey color is available and there's a limit of 3 per order. But aside from this, this seems like a fantastic deal if you were considering an Echo Dot. You have the rest of the day or until supplies last to grab one.