SoundHound may have just become one of the best ways to listen to Spotify on your phone. The app has had Spotify integration for years, first allowing you to add songs you find to your Spotify playlists, then stream these songs with LiveLyrics and listen to curated playlists, and now it has added full playlist support.

What this means is that you can now connect your Spotify account to your SoundHound account and see all of your playlists. Spotify premium users will be able to stream all of their songs from SoundHound with one main benefit: LiveLyrics. This lets them follow along with the lyrics to the song and double tap any line to jump ahead, replay, or skip. Compared to Spotify's Android app, which doesn't include lyrics at all, that's a major leap forward.

Spotify playlists show up in SoundHound (left). LiveLyrics work with many streaming services (right).

Spotify free users will still be able to see their playlists but can play them only from YouTube or through SoundHound's 30sec previews. That's unfortunately one limitation of the Spotify API and not SoundHound's fault.

Another bonus in this new version of SoundHound is playback control with the company's OK Hound voice commands. You can simply use these like you would OK Google to control playback, change the volume, and turn on shuffle without having to tap anything on the screen.


Listen to your favorite Spotify playlists in SoundHound!
Spotify Premium users: Stream full songs in SoundHound. Interact with the LiveLyrics® to navigate the song - double tap a line to jump to the chorus, skip ahead, or replay from the beginning.
Spotify free users: Access your playlists and listen with YouTube or previews.
Enjoy a hands-free listening experience using voice for playback controls - play, stop, shuffle, pause, replay, or even turn up the volume, just by asking!

If you want to test it out, you need SoundHound 7.5.0 free or unlimited, which you can find on the Play Store at the links below. The free version is also up on APK Mirror. But remember, the only limitation is that you have to be signed in to a SoundHound account to be able to connect with Spotify.