Who doesn't love seeing movie tie-in games? Especially ones that call back to a cash-flush demographic of 20 to 30-somethings. Not only are these just an obvious advertisement, they often utilize detrimental gacha free-to-play mechanics. I mean, who wouldn't want this trendy new form of gambling shoved into their media? That is right, today's winner of egregious cash-ins off the backs of people's nostalgia is Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Really, what is there to say? This is a game of chance through and through. You build up your team of three Power Rangers from the boxes you win in gacha draws. Once you have a team, you are set to battle it out against the computer through an annoying rock–paper–scissor mechanic. What makes this annoying is the fact that your Power Rangers are not that responsive when fighting. If your opponent is starting or in the middle of a maneuver, you can't really select much else to do other than to block. While in and of itself that may not sound that bad, guess who gets the upper hand quite quickly in these unresponsive battles. If you guessed the computer, you couldn't be more correct.

Sadly, being an obvious movie tie-in and utilizing unfair fighting mechanics wasn't quite enough shadiness packed into a single title. There is also a good bit of nostalgia farming being done here. For anyone who grew up with the Power Ranges, the developers have shoved as many familiar versions of the uniforms as they can into the game. That way you can play as your favorite Power Ranger's color and style. Harking back to fond memories of better times for the intellectual property.

I would say the only saving grace of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is its real-time multiplayer gameplay, but of course, this will just turn into a pay-to-win situation pretty quickly. Whoever can afford the most gacha draws will wind up having the most powerful characters to battle with. The rest of us can be their cannon fodder. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Overall this is a pretty obvious attempt at cashing in on many different fronts. Be it nostalgia, current movie releases, or just the nature of gacha and its gambling-like mechanics. Frankly, there is nothing of note to see here whatsoever.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
Developer: nWay Inc.
Price: Free+