Sony has the tendency to significantly over-price its phones, with the Xperia XZ from last year being no exception. Since its launch a few months ago, it has steadily dropped in price. But now, you can grab one for $429.99, which a nice savings of $220. Oh, and you get free standard shipping and a U.S. warranty to boot.

As a refresher, the Xperia XZ has a 5.2" Triluminous FHD display, Snapdragon 820, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 23MP camera, Type-C, and a microSD card reader. It's still a decent phone by today's standards, though I doubt it will wow anyone.

The Xperia XZ comes in three colors: black, blue, and platinum. As of this writing, all three are available for purchase. Regardless, "limited quantity available" applies here, so don't wait around too long.