Google Allo looks to be garnering some love today with the addition of document and file sharing support. It has been six months since Allo's initial release on Android where the lack of file sharing was a gaping hole in the app's features. While today we thankfully see this issue addressed, better late than never is something many of us Google fans will be all too familiar with.

If you take a close look at your Allo app, you will see a new sixth icon (fifth in the row) shaped like a paper clip. This icon is what you can now select in order to attach and send files in your Allo conversations.


Once you click on that paper clip icon, you will jump into your device's file explorer. From there you can select from the new assortment of supported .pdf, .docx, .apk, .zip, and mp3 files.

For those that that would like to trial this out but do not have the update yet, AP has you covered with a link to the newest version at APKMirror.

Staying true to form, (at least for Google) what would a new feature be without some glaring issue? I noticed right away that Allo does not support the sharing of Google's own Docs, Sheets, and Slides online files. Sure, now I can share Microsoft's .docx all day long, but why is it that I can not share Google's own documents from within their own messaging app?

Color me unsurprised. Two steps forward and one step back should be Google's motto at this point.

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Google Allo
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