At today's Google for Brazil event in São Paulo, the company introduced several new features for its products - such as audio calling in Duo. Another announcement involves new backup options for Google Photos, designed to make backing up on poor connections less tedious.

As you may know, Google Photos has a few options for backing up images and videos to the cloud. You can hold off all backups until you reach a Wi-Fi connection, back up only photos on cellular data and use Wi-Fi for video, or back up everything on any connection. Google is introducing a new option, where low-quality images can be backed up over a cellular connection, and are automatically replaced with higher-resolution copies when you reach a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Google says these low-quality backups will still look good on a smartphone-sized screen, and uploads should be fast even on a 2G connection. The feature should be rolling out today on Google Photos for Android and iOS.