Nest makes some of the best camera products you can get, and they're tied into a lot of Google's services like Assistant. The problem, they're expensive and rarely go on sale. You can get a modest, but appreciated discount on the Nest Cam Outdoor at Newegg right now. It takes the price down to $159.99.

As this is the outdoor cam, it's weather resistant and comes with different mounting options. It does still need a power source, so you'll need to be able to run a cable to it from someplace inside or outside the house. This is also just for the 1-cam pack. Most people end up with a few Nest cameras around the house to keep an eye on things.

The discount is $20 and requires the use of coupon code EMCSRDCC3. That brings it down to $159.99, but the $179.99 price is already $20 off MSRP. You also have to sign up for Newegg's email newsletter to get the deal, though. If you're in the market, you can always unsubscribe from the newsletter after buying your camera.