The recent change in the Play Store policy to allow apps and games to be set momentarily free has been a very popular decision among devs and users alike. The former get to publicize their work at no cost to the consumer and the latter get to benefit from decent to excellent software without cracking open their virtual wallet. Each day or two, we see new titles on the Play Store taking advantage of these short-term deals and in today's round we have a very balanced selection of apps, games, and icon packs. Oh and the 10-cent deals of the week as well, let's not forget about that.


The apps going momentarily free are HD Camera Pro, an app that advertises its silent shutter in the title but also provides a full camera interface with plenty of manual adjustments, modes, and effects. There's also Screen Draw Screenshot Pro which reminds me of LG's Quick Capture ability of drawing on a screen and The Game of Life, a nice live wallpaper.


In the game selection, we have Teach Your Monster To Read, which is more of an education app than a game aiming to help kids read and master phonetics easily. The other titles are more traditionally recognized as games with the first being a racing management sim and the second an adventure game taking place on a lost island.

Icon packs

Three icon packs are going down to zero as well and they include a rather childish-looking drawn icon set, a squircle set, and a colorful material-inspired square pack.

10-Cent deals

Finally, we have this week's 10-cent discounts, which cost just a little bit more than free. The app is Water Time Gold, a water intake logger and reminder, and the game is Blueprint 3D, a unique 3D puzzle where you flip the dots and lines to reveal nice blueprint drawings.

Like all the previous weeks, these 10-cent titles are only discounted in a few countries, which almost never include the US and almost always include France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, UK, Australia, Poland, and sometimes even Mexico, Brazil, and India. Please try them out in your country and let us know if they show up as discounted for you.