You may recall when Google released the first OnHub router, manufactured by TP-LINK, back in 2015. Then a year later, the Google Wifi was introduced, replacing the entire OnHub product line. Perhaps in an effort to clear warehouse space, Google has discounted the ASUS OnHub to $129 ($70 off) and $145 ($54 off).

Now you're probably thinking, "Why would I buy this if Google has already replaced it?" Well, they are still solid routers, they can be managed from the Google Wifi app, and you can set them as additional access points in a Google Wifi mesh network if you want. But keep in mind that, like the Google Wifi, both OnHubs only have one extra Ethernet port. So you'll need to grab a network switch if you need more wired connections.

If you need to do some research, you can find our review of the TP-LINK OnHub here. You can find the product pages for both OnHubs below.