There are a lot of things to dislike about Comcast, but adding features to an app is always appreciated... even when it's Comcast. The Xfinity TV Remote app is getting an update today, and it includes two features brought over from the X1 Remote app: a D-pad and voice control.

Here's the full changelog. It's less of a log and more of a paragraph.

X1 customers! We've brought the voice control, D-pad, and keypad features from the X1 Remote app over to TV Remote. Go ahead, ask your TV Box to watch a specific channel, find an actor or movie, get stats for your favorite player, and more. Whether you're searching by voice, navigating through menus on the TV Box with the D-pad, or entering channel numbers to tune or explore the on-screen Guide, everything is designed with accessibility in mind.

That really gets the basic premise across, doesn't it? Tap the voice button to do a search right from the app. The TV box will respond more or less immediately. You can also make your way through all those on-screen menus from the app now, rather than reaching for the physical remote.

The update appears to be live for everyone. Well, "everyone" who has a Comcast Xfinity cable TV subscription. Although, why are you still reading this if you don't?

Developer: Comcast
Price: Free