Sometimes telling my own story is a challenge. So, after more than 5 years at AP, figuring out what to include in this post and how to write it hasn't been easy. But in the interest of eliminating suspense, I’ll give you the news up front:

I'm joining Google as part of the Design Relations team!

Android Police has been a big part of my life since I first started talking to Artem about contributing back in 2011. I won’t spell out the whole story here - if you want all the gory details I’ll tell you over coffee. But being part of the AP team has given me innumerable opportunities for new experiences, exploration, expression, and friendship. I’ll be sad to leave such a great team of writers, editors, and producers but I’m so excited to see what’s ahead of me at Google.

This transition also means that I’ll be leaving some of my most beloved design projects including apps like Nova Launcher and Focus. If you’re a UIUX & motion designer with examples of your work in production, and you're interested in helping out with Nova, get in touch using this form!

I’ve been so fortunate over the years to work (outside of my role at AP) with truly passionate and knowledgable developers like Jack, Kevin, and Francisco building great products and getting to know the users who are often just as passionate about Android as we are. And at touchlab I’ve been able to work on some amazing projects that touch millions more - from a brand new platform for delivering free gigabit WiFi to NYC to an open-source framework that enables precision medical research on Android. If you're interested in picking up where I'm leaving off at touchlab, check out the recruitment page here.

If you're wondering what I'll be doing at Google, just check out Nick Butcher's post explaining what Google's Design Relations team does. Actually what I'll be doing as part of the team already comprises much of my work today. For me, part of the fun of being a designer in my position is being able to share design thinking, rationale, and resources with individuals and organizations so that - once we finish executing a great experience - they’re set up for future success. Design execution and conversation are two sides of the same coin for me, and I look forward to doing both side by side with other designers from my new position.

Of course I’m not planning on disappearing - you’ll still see me on Google+ and Twitter, and I plan to continue (and ramp up) recording for Design Notes and streaming my design work to Twitch and YouTube whenever possible. And yes, I’ll be at I/O this year, too 😊

To Artem, David, Rita, Cam, Eric, Ron, Cody, everyone else I’ve worked with at AP, and you, dear reader, thanks for everything. I’ll see you around.

Liam ✌️