Gather 'round penny-pinchers and avid Android lovers. There are deals to be had and none of them will cost you a cent. How 'bout that? You know Android Police's got your back. Without further chit-chatting, let's get started.


We had spotted Screenshot Pro and Quick AppLock Pro going down to $0 a few days ago, but now a lot of other apps by HDM Dev Team are getting the same treatment. We have an app to control your screen's rotation, a clipboard manager, both a call and a voice recorder, an "optimization" app, a blue light filter app, and the app that ties them all together "Magic Swipe Plus."

I haven't used any of these apps before, but they seem to be well reviewed on the Play Store. Beside, free is free and you can check them out and see if you like what you see.


The game selection is a little slim. We have two titles: one RPG and one game that's trying to cash in on the Dexter franchise. The series died an ugly death (what the hell was that finale?!) and it's time we all let it go. Both games also have IAPs so proceed with caution.

Icon Packs

Thankfully, the icon pack choices aren't as limited as the games. Themers and customization freaks should be happy sinces we have a little bit of everything for everyone. Button-shaped brown icons, round black and light brown icons, flat and colorful icons, square and pastel icons, and the same modern round and rainbow colored iconset in a white and black background.

If my theming days weren't far behind me, I'd be spending days customizing my homescreen just to fit with these different packs. Lots of potential there.


There are two other discounted... "apps" on the Play Store. One is Glass Line for KWGT, a theme for popular widget app KWGT, and the other is CompactUI for Substratum, a theme for ROMs that support the Substratum engine.

And that's it for today folks. Let's meet again in a day or two, hopefully not more, when there are other new freebies to be nabbed for our favorite platform.