The Samsung Chromebook Plus was announced in January as part of the new generation of touch-friendly Chromebooks that launch with support for Android apps. It's a spendy Chromebook at $450, but it's already on sale after just a couple weeks. It's not a huge sale, but every little bit helps.

The Chromebook Pro is available for $419 ($30 off) at a number of retailers including Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, and Adorama. The price has not been changed on the Google Store, but it does still offer that $20 in Google Play Credit.

The Chromebook Plus is the cheaper version of Samsung's new Chromebooks. It has a special OP1 ARM chip designed for Chromebooks, 4GB of RAM, and a 360-degree rotating 12.3-inch 2400x1600 LCD. It has a built-in stylus and, of course, runs Google's Chrome OS. We don't know how long the sale will last, so get a move on. It's not the best discount, but it's rare to see any discount on something so soon after it launches.