As you may know, Google often tests new Chrome features in 'flags' - hidden settings that can be enabled or disabled. We first spotted "Chrome Home" in October, which moves Chrome's address bar to the bottom of the screen. This is especially handy for larger screens, but it looks like more changes are coming.

The name 'Chrome Home' seemed to indicate that the bottom address bar would be one component of a larger change, and that seems to be confirmed. When using Chrome Canary 59 with both #enable-chrome-home and #ntp-google-g-in-omnibox enabled, we can see a completely revamped interface.


The bottom address bar can now be pulled up at any time to see the New Tab page. Like the existing New Tab page, it contains recently-visited sites, recent bookmarks, and suggested articles.

Pulling up on the address bar reveals a new bottom tab UI, which is becoming increasingly common on Google apps. The bar contains shortcuts to Downloads, Bookmarks, and the History. I would have preferred another for Recent Tabs, but there's still plenty of time for Google to keep working on this.


I'm actually a fan of this interface. With so much effort being put into this new UI, I'm completely certain it (or a variation of it) will become default in a future Chrome update.

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