Link Bubble, originally released in 2014, is a web browser that displays pages in floating windows. Tabs were replaced by free-floating 'bubbles', which would expand and collapse the page content with a tap. Think Facebook Messenger, but with web browsing.

The original developer, Chris Lacy, later sold Link Bubble to an unknown tech startup. This was later revealed to be Brave Software, which used Link Bubble as the base for its ad-blocking Brave Browser. Brave later realized that some users wanted a more traditional browsing experience, so a new Brave Browser for Android was released and Link Bubble regained its original name.

Unfortunately, Brave Software has now unpublished Link Browser from the Play Store. The company will now be shifting all development work to the newer Brave Browser, explaining that Android's ongoing lack of support for rendering web content in the background was the main problem.

If you still want to install Link Bubble, you can download the latest update from APKMirror or the app's GitHub repository. Keep in mind that Brave made Link Bubble open-source shortly after purchasing it, so there's always the chance another developer will pick it up in the future.