Spigen is one of my personal favorite phone case manufacturers. Its cases are consistently well made, with quality materials, and precision crafting. They also are affordable, which makes this deal lovin' nerd very happy. If you've pre-ordered an LG G6 or are planning on picking one up soon, then Spigen should be on your list of companies to choose from when selecting your case. Especially since they just handed us some exclusive Amazon coupon codes that will drop the price of six different LG G6 cases and a tempered glass screen protector by 60%. Nice cases, at nice prices, what's not to like?

Below is the list of the cases that are on sale along with their companion 60 percent off coupon codes. Just follow the links and enter the appropriate code at checkout to pick one (or more) up for yourself. Keep in mind that the codes will only work on the color listed next to each case style. Also, make sure to thank Spigen in the comments below for giving us such a killer discount, we'd love to have them supply us with sweet deals like this for every major Android phone release.