Talon was one of the first apps to embrace material design when Google announced Lollipop a few years back. However, even a material app from that era would look a little old by today's standards. Talon has been updated consistently over time, and today it's moving to v6.0 with some notable UI improvements.

Here's the changelog from the Play Store.

Talon is better, faster, and more beautiful than ever, with a massive update to v6.0!
  • Brand new layouts for tweets and profiles.
  • View conversations within tweets, instead of just replies
  • Advanced filtering options for user's tweets and interactions on profiles
  • View user's lists on their profiles
Simplified in-line actions on tweets
  • Improve swipe-to-close on images
  • Improvements to compose screen
  • Improvements to article viewer

The changes will probably be obvious to long-time users of Talon. The new tweet and profile layouts are particularly different. They seem cleaner and easier to understand now. This is something Talon has struggled with in the past, but it's definitely gotten better over time. The new update is live in the Play Store. It's a $2.99 upfront purchase if you never picked it up.

Talon for Twitter
Talon for Twitter
Developer: Luke Klinker
Price: $2.99+