I've been eying the iRobot Roombas for over a year now. The idea of a robot vacuum gliding around my apartment and cleaning up while I'm not around sounds all too appealing and nerdy. And because I'm into connected gadgets, I sure want one of the newer Series 900 robots, which would set me back somewhere between 7 and 9 Franklins. Ouch. If you're lucky enough to have that kind of dough to spend on a Roomba, your robot is about to get cooler in the geekiest kind of way: maps and stats. Oh and Alexa.

iRobot is announcing new Clean Map reports for your Roomba 900 series that will show you a map of your house and the spots that were cleaned, along with graphs for the total cleaning time and coverage over the last 30 jobs plus some lifetime stats. The update to the iRobot HOME app has been live in the Play Store for a few days so this feature should already be working for everyone with a Series 900 Roomba.


Clean Map™ Reports
•Zoom and pan Clean Map™ reports to view cleaning coverage.
•View data such as cleaning time and coverage, as well as lifetime area cleaned and other job averages.
•Review information for up to 30 cleaning jobs.
Push Notifications
•Receive notifications when your robot completes a job or should encounter an interruption.
•Rather not receive notifications? Simply turn off the feature.
Bug fixes and usability improvements

iRobot also announced an Alexa skill for the connected Roombas that will be available in Q2 2017 for US customers and will allow them to issue voice commands to their Echo devices to start, stop, and pause cleaning jobs. What wonderful times we live in.

iRobot Home
iRobot Home
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