Google Voice was waning a few weeks ago, then Google suddenly brought it back and gave it a fresh coat of paint. That was just the first step, though. Google promised it would continue updating Google Voice, and indeed it is. There's a new update rolling out today with more conversation management options, GIFs, and more.

Here's the full list of new features (Android and web) Google posted on the product forums.

  • Delete Conversations - You can now delete entire conversations on Android and Web. To delete an entire conversation, click the conversation > click More > Delete. Note that there is no trash and deletes cannot be undone.  Individual messages in a conversation can still be deleted by long pressing on a message in the mobile apps or right clicking on Web. Conversation delete will be coming to iOS in the near future.
  • Calling on Web - You can now "make a call" from the updated version of the web interface to any number/contact.
  • Do Not disturb - We’ve added the ability to toggle Do Not Disturb on/off on Android. When Do Not Disturb is enabled, call and text message forwarding will be paused and there will be a banner to indicate that it is turned on. To set a timer on Do Not Disturb, you will still need to visit the Legacy Google Voice on Web.
  • Disable app notifications for text messages (Android Only) - Avoid duplicate notifications if you have message forwarding enabled.
  • Conversation archive shortcut (Android Only)- Long-press on a conversation in the messages list to bring up the archive option.
  • Gif image search - You can now search for Gifs if you use Gboard on Android.

The ability to delete conversations is long overdue. There's no trashcan, so deleted conversations are gone forever. Conversations can also be archived via a long-press if you think you might need them again. Do Not Disturb mode can be toggled from the app as well. For Gboard users, the built-in GIF search feature works in Google Voice now.

If you were hoping for Project Fi support, sorry. It's still not available. The updated app is rolling out, but you can grab it right now on APK Mirror if you're impatient.

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