The Nokia 6 is not really a new phone, but its international availability is fairly recent. To celebrate, JerryRigEverything puts the phone to his durability tests to see if it lives up to its namesake's reputation for resilience to a nuclear apocalypse. Hint: It does.

Nokia's largest new phone comes with Gorilla Glass 3 and therefore scratches at a level 6, which is right where it should. The rest of the metal body falls prey to the razor blade, although the fingerprint sensor and camera lens do not scratch whatsoever. That's a very good thing. The LCD panel recovers well from the burn test, which isn't surprising.

In the final test, we see Nokia's long-standing reputation for durability hold up. Trying to bend the phone proved unsuccessful for JerryRigEverything and very positive for the phone — attempts to flex from both the front and the back did nothing to it. We're still early in 2017, but this may end up being one of the most durable phones of the year.

Only the fabric covering the earpiece was cause for concern. It is rather flimsy and after lots of use and heat, the adhesive might lose some of its effectiveness. That was the only thing JerryRigEverything said he would change about the phone, which I think is a pretty sterling statement. That is especially true considering that another price competitor failed pretty miserably. If you're interested in seeing the results for yourself, check out the video below.