LG will have a precious few weeks to itself before the Galaxy S8 shows up and competes directly with the G6. It's looking to put up the biggest numbers possible in that time with a nice promo. All you have to do is pre-order or buy a G6 before April 30th and you get a free Google Home.

All the details will be available at the G6 launch promo site. It's currently just pre-registration as the phone isn't out yet. You'll need to submit proof of purchase after getting your G6 and probably wait a few weeks for your Google Home to arrive. That's typical of such promos. Compared to other phone launch promos, this one is quite generous. The Google Home is a $129 device if purchased separately.

We still don't have an exact launch date for the LG G6, but pre-orders should be live on all US carriers in the next few weeks. Rumors point to early April for the final launch. If you do pick one up, you need to make sure to redeem your Google Home offer by May 15th.