V-MODA announced the newest member of its audio product portfolio today, the REMIX, the company's first Bluetooth speaker. It's available for purchase starting today and retails for $300. Measuring in at around 8 inches long and 1.6-1.9lbs (depending on which finish you chose), the speaker is portable, but not petite. At $300, the REMIX is at the top end of the price spectrum for mid-size Bluetooth speakers but V-MODA feels the price is justified by top-notch sound and a couple of unique features.

The most compelling feature the REMIX offers is something you won't find in any other speaker on the market. The speaker doubles as a headphone amplifier with 83mW x 2 output powerful enough to drive high-impedance headphones. As a headphone amplifier alone can cost $150-200 this is a pretty sweet feature that helps make the high price of the speaker more palatable if it's something you have use for.

As this is a V-MODA product, you will also be able to customize the REMIX with 3-D printed parts. The front grill and 'C-Shell' can both be swapped out and custom end caps can be fixed to either side to further personalize the look of the speaker. The custom parts range from $40 for a plastic front grill replacement to $370,000 for solid platinum end caps. Yeah, I don't think I'll be buying a set of those either.

Other, more pedestrian, features include speakerphone capabilities, 10 hours of battery life, the ability to connect multiple REMIX speakers together, and charging via USB Type-C (another first for a portable Bluetooth speaker). The REMIX is available with a silvery aluminum finish or covered in black vegan leather.

Interested? Then check out the promo video below for more info. Also, keep an eye out for my full review which I'll post in the next couple of weeks.