Google is well known for testing all sorts of small server-side changes in its apps, and YouTube is one of the best examples for this. Whether it be the general UI, videos, descriptions, or comments, there always seems to be something that Google is experimenting with in the YouTube app. The popular video-sharing app's latest server-side update makes expanded replies in the comments section of videos a lot nicer.


left: old. right: new.

While the older view minimized the video and created a new, full-page activity, the newer version in testing leaves the video untouched and allows the replies to fill the space underneath. This is a huge improvement over the outgoing method, as it allows you to continue watching the video in the same size without interruption while simultaneously providing an adequate space to comb through replies. Quite frankly, the previous version sucked - majorly.

I first noticed this new version of expanded replies last night, but all of my devices have since switched back to the older view. This also happened to our tipster. Hopefully, this server-side change returns for good soon, as I'm already missing it.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free