You probably have at least a few power strips laying around, and maybe a phone dock or USB charging station too. This... thing from Bestek is all three combined. Now you can get it for just $16 on Amazon with a coupon code.

Let's go over exactly what this does first. It plugs into a normal wall socket (completely covering it) and gives you six surge-protected outlets. On top of that, there are four USB Type-A ports at the top with a shared 5.2A current. Finally, the top of the unit is a charging dock, with included adapters for microUSB and Apple Lightning ports. It's worth noting that Artem has one, and definitely recommends it.

As neat as this is, there are a few drawbacks. Obviously there are no USB Type-C ports anywhere, or a Type-C adapter for the charging dock. There is also no QC quick charging on any of the available USB ports. If you don't care too much about those, you can buy this on Amazon from the link below - just don't forget to use code VQVLQYVR at checkout.