Should you find yourself with a few extra dollars today, I know what you can do with them. A mere $5 purchase will net you a dozen strategy games on Android via the latest Humble Bundle deal. The new bundle is live today and runs for two weeks.

The Humble Mobile Bundle Best of Strategy deal includes three tiers. For $1 you get Epic War TD 2, MechCom 1 + 2, Age of Civilizations, and Battle for the Galaxy. Although, that last one is actually just a $5 in-app purchase credit for a free-to-play game. The second tier is $3 and this is where things really get good. Here, you get Anomaly Defenders + Anomaly 2, Kingdom Rush Frontiers + Origins, and Hero Generations. The last tier is $5 and adds Guild of Dungoneering, and Worms 4.

You can, of course, pay however much you want. Humble Bundle splits all payments between developers, charity, and Humble Bundle itself. You can also change how that money is split up.