Even though it seems like it's slowed down since launch, Android Auto has picked up another car manufacturer to add to its repertoire. The latest is Mazda, which announced that it will be bringing both Auto and CarPlay to its vehicle lineup. 

Mazda declined to give a timeline or to specify which of its vehicles would be the first to receive the smartphone mirroring services. While that is all fine and good for those who are in the market for a brand new car, the more interesting news is that Jacob Brown, a Mazda spokesperson, claims that both Android Auto and CarPlay "should be retroactively available on all Mazda Connect systems." He also said that "a potentially minimal hardware addition" would be needed.

For reference, Connect came out with the 2014 Mazda3 and is in a variety of models since then. Be sure to check if your car is included in that list before getting too excited. There is also no word on how much, if at all, this will cost owners. I somehow doubt the "potentially minimal hardware addition" will be a free upgrade, but perhaps I am just cynical.

Oh, and I think that David is the most excited person on the AP team about this. Just sayin'.