Many device manufacturers, including Google, choose to update pre-installed applications through the Play Store. This way, individual apps can be updated without the need for an entire system software update. Another pre-installed app, simply called 'Carrier Services,' has been moved to the Play Store.

The app description says it, "helps carriers provide mobile services using the latest networking capabilities," and that it includes support for "enhanced features in the Android Messages app." An update for the application is currently rolling out to Android phones worldwide, seemingly regardless of the device's carrier.

You might be thinking that this app has something to do with RCS, or perhaps the RCS Business Messaging feature that Google announced last month. Well, right now it does exactly nothing.

The APK contains only a dummy service, which simply returns a value of null. Not very exciting, is it? You can find Carrier Services on the Play Store below, and feel free to join in the many people giving it funny reviews.

Carrier Services
Carrier Services
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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