The transition to USB Type-C hasn't been as smooth as we all would have hoped. There were a number of bad cables early on, and there are still different versions of fast charging that require the right cables and wall adapters. You can simplify the process a little with a Type-C wall outlet like the one available from Top Greener. We tested this device to make sure it performs as intended, and indeed it does. This outlet will fast-charge your Pixel (or other USB-PD devices).

This outlet costs $28.69 right now, and includes two standard AC plugs in addition to the Type-C and Type-A ports (note: Artem purchased this outlet for his own personal use). The Type-C port promises 5V 3A (up to 15W) charging speed. That's the max for the Pixel and some other Google devices (eg. the Nexus 6P and 5X), but the XL can do 18W. It should fast-charge the Moto Z phones as well, but not as fast as the stock charger (it does up to 5.7A). The wall outlet does up to 4.8A total if both ports are in use. The Top Greener outlet was tested with the aid of a Satechi Type-C charge monitor and several different Type-C cables.

After installing, we used a Pixel XL at about 50% battery to check the power output. Using one of Google's own C-to-C cables, the Satechi reported numbers very close to the promised 5V and 3A. So, it should fast charge USB-PD devices up to 15W just fine. However, when using a Tronsmart C-to-C cable the outlet was only pushing 2.4A maximum. The cable does still matter, so make sure you use a good one. The USB Type-A port will work with Quick Charge v1, but not 2.0 or 3.0 speeds. There are other options if you have a phone with Quick Charge.