The name Joaquim Vergès might ring a bell if you've been following the drama over Twitter clients for a few years. Vergès clashed with Twitter a while back as his Falcon Pro Twitter client got increasingly popular. Then, he joined the company as a developer. Now he's leaving Twitter after just a year and a half for a job at Twitch.

Vergès released Falcon Pro in 2012, and it was an instant hit. The state of the official Twitter client at the time was not good, and the alternatives weren't much better. Falcon Pro blew up and became the first app to run afoul of Twitter's API token limit. After some hacks to try and get around the limit, Falcon Pro was pulled from the Play Store.

With Falcon Pro grounded, Vergès ended up working for Twitter in August of 2015. He was reportedly involved in many of the improvements the app has seen since then. After announcing his departure from Twitter today, Vergès said he was going to follow his passion for gaming to Twitch. He'll start work there on Monday as part of the Android team. Hopefully the Twitch app benefits greatly from his presence.