The Honor 8 has always been a very, very pretty phone. But the software was a serious drawback until just recently. Huawei rolled out Nougat to this phone a few weeks ago, and it improved the experience greatly. If that sounds like something you want to check out, the Honor 8 is on sale today for over $100 off.

The Honor 8 is still a budget unlocked phone, but it competes more with the OnePlus 3 than it does with the Moto G4/5. It has dual 12MP cameras, 4GB of RAM, a Kirin 950, and a 5.2-inch 1080p LCD. It also has a fingerprint sensor on the back, and it's great.

This phone appears to be on sale all over, but by far the best deals are on Amazon currently. The 32GB version of the phone can be had for as little as $285.05 ($115 off). That's for the white version. If you want black, it's $296.80 and the blue is $310.01. The 64GB is cheapest if you get the black model, which is $324.99 ($125 off). The white is $389.97 and the blue is $350. The gold (only available in 64GB) is on sale for $325.74.

You can also get the phone on sale via Honor, B&H, and Best Buy, but none of them are as cheap.

The 64GB on Amazon has gone up to $379, which is still okay-ish. Newegg has a $130 discount on the 64GB model with coupon code HONOROFF64. That brings the price down to $319.99 ($449.99 regular price).

New deal at Newegg

There's a new deal on this phone at Newegg, which requires new promo codes. The 64GB variant has promo code EMCRDRK52 that gets you 28% off. That's a $112 discount on the $399 base price. The 64GB phone is 29% off with code EMCRDRK45. That works out to $130.50 off the $449 price. These codes are good through Saturday.