The practice of zero-rating data has been increasingly popular in recent years with programs like T-Mobile's Binge On. However, government regulators have not been entirely accepting of the practice. In light of the FCC's new leadership, Verizon has ramped up zero-rating with free data for Fios video streaming.

Starting now, Verizon customers on capped data plans don't have to worry about their data usage when streaming via the Fios app. That means on-demand, recorded, and live streaming broadcasts don't count against your data cap. You may need to download the most recent version of the Fios app to take advantage of this. You will, of course, need a Fios TV and internet subscription to be eligible.

The obvious objection to this plan is that it puts all other streaming services at a disadvantage. Your data is free for Fios, but Netflix will eat into your cap. T-Mobile was able to skate by because Binge On doesn't offer preferential treatment to its own services. Although, the FCC was much more in favor of net neutrality principles back then.