Back in October, Google announced the Jamboard, which is a digital whiteboard for G Suite customers. At the Google Cloud Next event today, pricing and availability was announced: $4,999 to purchase plus a $600 yearly maintenance fee. Oh, you can cut that $600 in half for the first year if you order by September 30.

The Jamboard is touted as the ultimate hybrid of the physical and digital creative space. G Suite customers could apply for the Early Adopter Program when this was announced, and Google has since implemented the feedback into the final product.

As a refresher, the board pulls in a bunch of data from various Google services like Docs, Sheets, Drive, and Slides. Users can add documents to the company Drive account or use the HD camera for Hangouts video chats. Oh, and you can draw on it, too. The device itself features a 55" 4K display with ultra responsive touch sensitivity, WiFi, and a few different ports on the back.

G Suite customers can purchase the Jamboard in May for the aforementioned price of $4,999, plus the yearly maintenance fee.