Facebook is continually adding features to its Messenger platform, which is great for the many who use it. This time around brings us stories... er, I mean Messenger Days, which are "temporary" photos or videos that your friends can see and reply to. They disappear after twenty-four hours, or you can delete them before then if you so choose.

Once you're on the latest update, you can get started by jumping into the full-screen camera or by ticking "My Day" in your inbox. This is your chance to snap a photo or video, after which you can add effects. Once you're satisfied, you can then share that picture or video to your Day, save it to your phone, or send it to someone or a group of someones.

You can also add to your Day straight from a conversation with a friend. There will be some "Add to your Day" text under a photo or video. It's pretty self-explanatory what happens from there. Facebook is also giving users control over who can see the additions to their Days, similar to how you can control your post visibility. There is also the option to delete the photo or video if you so choose.

Messenger Day is rolling out globally to Android and iOS starting today, so be checking for an app update.