Wearables aren't exactly tearing up the mobile landscape like they were two years ago, but Google still seems to be all-in on its Android Wear platform. And surprisingly, the company is apparently bringing in interest from conventional watchmakers. Movado, a Swiss-American watchmaker known for simple and elegant luxury designs, has announced that it will have at least one Android Wear model later this year. Movado Connect will launch in the fall running Android Wear 2.0.

Unfortunately Movado issued its press release without any photos, so we don't have any indication of what the smartwatch will actually look like. And that's a real shame, since Movado's distinctive style will be an interesting one to see applied to a wearable. But we're not completely without info: Movado says that the Connect watch (or at least the base, introductory model) will cost $495 American dollars, with availability in the US, Canada, the UK, and the Caribbean to start. The watch will support Android Pay and come with Movado digital watch faces that can be customized by the user.

We'll get to see the first Movado Connect model at Baselworld 2017, the watch and jewelry trade show held in Switzerland starting March 23rd. The press release says that Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss, both of which partner with Movado for branded watches, are also "partnering with Google." That may or may not mean we'll see Android Wear devices from those particular labels.

Press Release

NEW YORK, NY, MARCH 8, 2017, MOVADO GROUP, INC. (NYSE:MOV​) - Movado announces a partnership with Google to launch Movado Connect, a smartwatch collection powered by Android Wear 2.0, Google’s newly redesigned platform. Movado Connect is one of the first watches designed specifically for Android Wear 2.0 and will launch fall of 2017 introducing five men’s styles with a starting price of $495 available in the US, the Caribbean, Canada and the UK. The collection will be unveiled at Baselworld 2017.

“The launch of Movado Connect marks another new milestone in Movado’s longstanding history of creativity and innovation in watch design,” stated Efraim Grinberg, Chairman & CEO, Movado Group. “We are very proud of our collaboration with Google and for the opportunity to provide our customers with an incredibly designed timepiece, powered by the latest, cutting-edge technology platform. Movado Connect, with our proprietary edge-to-edge crystal design, is iconically Movado.”

This collaboration showcases each company’s respective expertise in building brand-relevant hardware and software capabilities in the connected category. Movado Connect features five unique customizable dials designed and inspired by Movado’s iconic museum dial that empower the wearer to tailor their experience through multiple expressions of Movado’s innovative approach to design. Each dial design also includes 3-4 customizable elements including features such as a wide array of complications, backgrounds, and watch hands creating a multitude of possibilities for consumers to create the look they desire. With access to thousands of apps, including Android Pay TM, these new watches meet the demands of today’s digital age with an updated user interface optimized for round screens, an ‘always-on’ display, improved fitness tracking, iOS and Android TM compatibility and the powerful Google Assistant for performing tasks and getting answers, directions, and timely reminders.

“We are thrilled to partner with Movado, a longtime leader and one of the most iconic brands in the watch industry,” said David Singleton, Vice President of Android Engineering at Google. “With our combined expertise in watchmaking, design and software, we are able to create a beautiful yet functional timepiece that helps people live their everyday lives.” Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss, two brands in the Movado Group portfolio, are also partnering with Google. Collections will launch fall of 2017.