If you've had your eye on a Nest thermostat, but couldn't pull the trigger because of the price, then this Bloomberg report might be of interest to you. Supposedly, a cheaper, sub-$200 thermostat is in the works and it could launch next year. Bloomberg's source also indicates some other new products, like a home alarm system, a digital doorbell, and an update to the Nest Cam, are in development, too.

The less-expensive thermostat is likely to drop the metal edges and contain lower-end parts to keep the costs low. As mentioned, the planned selling price is supposed to be under $200 — frankly, I hope it's quite a bit below that amount. On another note, Nest is also allegedly working on temperature sensors for around the house that would let residents control specific room temps instead of the whole house.

Also reported were some new additions to Nest's line of home security products. One of these is a new alarm system. It would function like any other: someone comes in, the alarm goes off until someone disarms it. The prototype seen by Bloomberg's source had a central hub (with a keypad) and key fobs for disarming. While that doesn't sound too fancy, where it gets "smart" is when it's paired with the companion app. Home owners would be able to remotely allow people access (Bloomberg used a dog walker or visitor as examples). Apparently, the goal is for this alarm system to ship this year.

The doorbell would not be a new concept, either. Nest's version would contain a video camera that, with the app, would allow the home owner to see and communicate with the visitor before opening the door. So that's cool.

Finally, Nest is apparently planning an update to the Nest Cam, which shouldn't surprise anyone. The indoor security camera released last year and used Dropcam's technology to identify people (as opposed to non-human things like animals or debris) and alert home owners via the app. The new Cam might be able to identify specific people in the frame. We could see if that is true as soon as this fall.

Nest has long struggled to release new products, so it's good to see the company trying out some new ideas. Whether they come to fruition or are even good ones remains to be seen.