Sometimes, app updates don't go as well as intended. Developers may have the best of intentions, but they end up stripping apps of useful features that users relied on or introducing unexpected bugs. Take the new Netgear Genie app for example. The router management app has recently undergone a nice design transition from something that looked straight out of Froyo to something that can potentially fit on a modern smartphone... well if the iOS screenshots are to be believed.

Up: old UI. Down: new UI (Netgear uploaded iOS screenshots to the Play Store...)

The problem though is that many reviews on the Play Store and our own tipster are complaining about a lot of the changes with the new app, and they're right to do so. First, the app now requires you to sign in with a Netgear account, which you'll have to create to access your own router (one reviewer even mentions that this leads to newsletters he couldn't unsubscribe from, and other users can't even sign in for some reason). Second, the new app seems to have dropped support for a few routers with users complaining about their model no longer being compatible. Third, it is missing a lot of functionality from the old version. I don't have a Netgear router so I can't verify the issues myself, but many reviewers are complaining about the network map, the ability to rename devices, network management, signal testing, lack of remote access, inability to turn on the traffic meter, and more.

Looks like Netgear has to do some quick fixing or users will get more and more disgruntled, especially considering their recent security issues. If you're a Netgear router owner and you want your old, crappy-looking but decent-working Genie app back, you can grab the old v2.4.38 file from APK Mirror.

Developer: NETGEAR Genie
Price: Free