It's that time again—Google has updated the developer dashboard with new platform distribution numbers. After bidding Froyo a long-overdue farewell a few months ago, there hasn't been a great deal of movement. Nougat got off to a slow start, but it's finally picking up steam this month. It's still only on a fraction of devices, though.

Android version stats, March 2017

Android versionPrevious data (%)Current data (%)Change (pp)

Everything is down or flat except Nougat and Marshmallow. The gain for Nougat is substantial this time. It's up 1.6% this time, more than double last month's share. Yes, having only 2.8% of devices running the latest OS after a few months isn't great, but it's tracking ahead of Marshmallow. Android 6.0 was only at 2.3% this time last year. Growth for the previous version of Android was also higher last March.

Android 4.4 KitKat saw the largest decline this month with a 1.1% drop. It's still running on roughly every fifth Android device, though. Lollipop continues to be the largest slice of the pie with 32.5% total share. The Gingerbread deathwatch is far from over as that OS holds steady at 1%. Maybe one day...