LineageOS, the successor to the ill-fated CyanogenMod project, has already achieved hundreds of thousands of active installs. Many former CM developers have moved to the new project, and just like CyanogenMod, LineageOS is rapidly expanding to more devices. Several new devices are now supported by LineageOS 14.1, including the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Galaxy Note 8 tablet, and more.

Firstly, LineageOS now officially supports the Exynos-based S7 (SM-G930F herolte) and S7 edge (SM-G935F hero2lte). The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Wi-Fi (gts210wifi) and LTE (gts210ltexx) models have made the jump from CM 13 to LineageOS 14.1. Several models of the Galaxy Note 8 tablet have also been updated to 14.1, including the GSM (n5100), Wi-Fi (n5110), and LTE (n5120) versions. The Galaxy S III GSM LTE (i9305) has also been bumped to 14.1.

In addition to the above Samsung devices, there are a few other phones with new LineageOS builds. The LeEco Le Pro3 (zl1) and LeMax2 (x2) are now officially supported with weekly 13.0 builds, so you don't have to use the awful stock ROMs. Finally, three variants of the LG G3 are being updated to 14.1 - the AT&T (d850), Korean (f400), and Verizon (vs985) models.