Android Police is searching for two new contributors to add to our growing roster. One of these contributors should be based in the United States, the other in Europe or the UK. (As to the latter, ideally, we are looking for a UK contributor.)

The job

As a contributor, it’s your job to be on the front lines of Android Police’s newsroom — you’ll be writing stories quickly, effectively, and with a keen eye for detail. You’ll also be able to transition to medium and long-form content that offers readers compelling consumer advice, honest product evaluations, or tips and tutorials.

While you’ll be reporting to our editorial staff, you can expect substantial independence in deciding how you want to define your role at Android Police. We offer our writers ample opportunity to grow their voices and responsibilities — provided they show ambition, initiative, and competence.

You (requirements)

First and foremost, Android Police requires any applicant demonstrate impeccable English. We don’t expect you to be writing the next great novel in your spare time, but we do place a high value on our writers having at the very least a practical mastery of the English language. This is a hard requirement, no exceptions will be made.

Ideally, you will demonstrate not just an excellent working knowledge of English, but do so in a way that produces compelling, readable, and natural writing. We don’t just want you to write, we want you to write interesting things. Anyone can summarize a press release or tell us about a software update, and we’re not looking for just anyone.

Being highly knowledgeable about Android, smartphones, technology, and liking these things doesn’t hurt. In fact, it helps a great deal. Other topics like networks, smart home, audio, and IoT are also beneficial, but a passion for Android (or at least an extensive working knowledge of it) is key. While we may consider otherwise highly-qualified candidates willing to learn [quickly] about these things, we have a strong preference for those who can show us they have an excellent understanding of Android and, in particular, Google products.


Your availability to start should be at the very least part time (think 20 hours per week, preferably mostly on weekdays), but either of these contributor spots have the potential to develop into full-time roles. Of course, that’s incumbent on your willingness to show initiative and commit — we don’t offer formal “full time” positions.


All positions at Android Police are fully compensated — this is very much a “real” job. Actual pay rates depend on your level of experience, but regardless of experience, you will be paid based upon the amount and type of content you produce.


First: Please be sure you’ve read the entire posting above before submitting an application.

Once you’ve done that, please send us a brief email introducing yourself, a resume (your resume may be in the email text itself, no need for an attachment), and at least one writing sample (preferably on the subject of Android or technology, and preferably attached separately as a Google Doc). The writing sample could be an article for Android Police — in fact, these are our favorite applications. So if you have an idea for the next great Android Police story, tutorial, guide, or explainer, send it to us.

Additionally, tell us why you’d like to join the team. What do you think you would bring to Android Police, what would you like to do? Are there any special skills or interests you believe make you unique as a candidate?

You can email these materials to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.