You probably don't need a Tango device. While the Google-developed spatial awareness tech is cool, it's also incredibly niche, and there are only a few fleeting practical applications for its use once you get past the admittedly nifty tech demos. But if you can in fact justify several hundred dollars for a one-off design, there's a way you can save a few bucks today. Lenovo is offering $50 off of the Phab 2 Pro, the first (and very likely only) consumer device with Tango camera tech, bringing it down to $449.99.

The deal is valid with a coupon code, "PHAB2PRO10", which needs to be entered at checkout. Normally we'd encourage frugal shoppers to wait a while for the price to drop further, but since there's very little distribution for this gadget outside of Lenovo's web store, it's unlikely that you'll be able to find a new unit at a lower street price. Both grey and gold models should work with the coupon code - there's no difference in the internal specs. Speaking of which, they're fairly good for the price - Snapdragon 652 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a beefy 4050mah battery, and a huge 6.4" 2560x1440 screen.

In his review, Ryan called the Phab 2 Pro a "phone-like object wrapped around Project Tango," so there are definitely better choices to be made if you have no interest in the unique hardware. Still, if you do want Tango and perhaps something phone-like to go along with it, Lenovo offers free shipping to the US. There's no telling how long the coupon code will last. But don't buy any Corel software along with the phone, okay - none of it runs on Android.

A new coupon has surfaced on Lenovo's site that brings the price down to $425. Use the promo code "PHAB2PRO15" to get these savings.