Ever wanted to try your hand at escaping from prison? Well, Team 17 has you covered. The makers of the popular Worms series released their sandbox prison escape game The Escapists on Android today. It's a pixel-based affair where you will try your hand at organizing a plethora of different escapes, all under the nose of the ever present guards.

The Escapist is a light-hearted sandbox experience where you will craft, pilfer, and fight your way to freedom. In this pursuit, you will have a chance to experience six different prisons, each with their own potential for different escapes. You could tunnel under the wall in one, or organize a complete takeover of the facility in another. Of course, all of this will need to be planned and carried out while always keeping to the strict rules and routine of each prison. For example, you can't miss role-call or allow your escape planning to interfere with your prison job. At its heart this is a game that creates a challenging balancing act of performing the mundane while always trying to carry out your nefarious escape plans.

The Escapists costs $3.99 and there are zero in-app purchases. It's rare to find a completely paid upfront game these days with no strings attached. Frankly it doesn't get much better than that, especially for a game that should easily give you at least 20 hours of play.