Even if it's technically less capable and offers fewer apps than some newer Android Wear designs, the Samsung Gear S2 is still one of the best-looking smartwatches around, a year and a half after its original release. And as Samsung gadgets are wont to do, the Gear S2 seems to be rapidly dropping in price. The non-classic version is down to just $125 for a refurbished model over at Groupon - that's $175 off of the original retail price. Groupon is also offering a new model for $154.99, which is still a pretty good deal. Shipping is free.

Elsewhere on the web, a third-party seller on Walmart's portal is offering the black version of the watch for $130 - that's new, not refurbished - with free shipping. If you prefer your smartwatch with non-tethered capability, Verizon is selling one with a built-in 3G connection for just $150... but that requires a two-year service contract. Yes, apparently those still exist. The contract-free version is $300.

The Gear S2 is compatible with all Android devices (not just Samsung hardware) running 4.4 or higher, though it needs specific Samsung Gear-compatible applications to use anything except the basic time, notification, and health tracker functions. Unfortunately the Gear S2 Classic, with its more conventional watch look and leather strap, doesn't seem to have the same deep discounts.