It isn't difficult to find a decent-sounding pair of headphones for under or around $100 these days, but they almost always have some shortfalls. Some are too heavy, some are uncomfortable in general, and some are poorly made. However, if you're a casual listener who's looking for a decent set of cans for on-the-go listening, Bose's SoundTrue around-ear headphones II are a great choice, especially at their newly discounted price of $99.99.

This isn't the lowest we've seen these SoundTrue around-ear IIs go for, but an $80 discount is still plenty. These headphones are very light and comfortable and come with a carrying case. I have the first-gen model of the SoundTrue around-ears, and I can attest to how they are great to listen to if you're on the move, thanks to just how weightless and portable they are. The sound isn't half-bad, either.

There are a couple of retailers who have these more rarely-discounted Android versions at $99.99. Most of you will probably grab them through Amazon, which has both Charcoal Black and Navy Blue colors (Prime shipping isn't available, by the way), but they're also available at Bose's website. Additionally, Adorama and Newegg have them at the same price, but Adorama's are clearly labeled as the iOS version, and Newegg doesn't specify. We don't know how long these will remain discounted for, so don't snooze if you want a pair of your very own.