Gadget news reporters are kind of like grown-up versions of those kids who just can't help but peek at their Christmas presents. And at this point in the metaphor, Samsung is probably ready to smack some little punks if they don't stop peeling back the wrapping paper. We're still a solid month away from the (very probable) public announcement of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but we're now getting near-daily leaks of the final design. Today's peek under the tree comes courtesy of BGR.


We've seen leaks of the physical phone design before, but these have been taken by someone who exercised a little more care, giving us a much clearer look at the curvaceous body and rounded corners on the AMOLED screen. The latest batch of images makes it clear that while the Galaxy Note 7 might be gone, its design cues are not forgotten, as the S8 and S8+ use the same back-to-front case symmetry that curves both the front and rear tempered glass and the phone's rigid frame for a smooth, rounded body at all points. This design element made the Note 7 feel much smaller in the hand than its pure dimensions would suggest, and it seems the same beats are expressed here.

bgr-galaxy-s8-exclusive-2 bgr-galaxy-s8-exclusive-4

Ye gods, anonymous leaker person, CUT YOUR NAILS

Some of the more striking design elements in the S8 include full virtual navigation buttons a la Pixel and Nexus phones (which can probably be customized by the end user), a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor to make up for the lack of a physical home button, and an extra button on the body on the right edge, opposite what is presumably the power button and volume rocker. We're not sure what this extra button is for, but if we had to guess, we'd say it's a dedicated button to activate Samsung's Alexa-style voice assistant, the previously-leaked "Bixby."

bgr-galaxy-s8-exclusive-5 bgr-galaxy-s8-exclusive-3

Leaked specs indicate that the S8 and S8+ will be of mostly identical physical design with enormous 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch displays, respectively, with a host of competitive internals representing the usual modest bump over last year's designs. Samsung's Unpacked event is scheduled for Thursday, March 29th, with an April retail release expected to follow.