Sony announced the MDR-XB950B1 andMDR-XB950N1 over-ear Bluetooth headphones earlier this year at CES with plenty of cool features like Noise cancelation (N1 model), surround sound, very powerful bass, Bluetooth and NFC, and excellent battery life. At the time, Sony said that you could control these with the Headphones Connect app and now that app is available on the Play Store.

Headphones Connect can simplify the process of pairing the headset with your phone and lets users customize their listening experience. There's a surround sound effect picker to choose between Arena, Club, Concert Hall, and Outdoor Stage. There's also a slider to boost the bass to the exact level you want. Plus a noise cancelation toggle that only works with the N1.

Headphones Connect is available for free on the Play Store, but you'll need a compatible headset to benefit from its features. For now, this is limited to the MDR-XB950B1 and MDR-XB950N1.